The Howrse Team is attending the World Equestrian Games in France, and are going to provide the community with commentary and feedback on the events.

49 members will have the opportunity to win some great prizes, and one lucky person will be able to join Howrse for the games. The contests ends on 25th June 2014 13:00.

To take part, you need to be over the age of 18, and answer 9 questions correctly and have the closest guess to the 10th.

Grand PrizeEdit

On the Thursday 28th of August:

  • Trip to France from your country
  • Transit to the Owlient office
  • Meeting with the Owlient team
  • Trip to Normandy
  • Hotel night and diner in Deauville

On the Friday 29th of August:

  • Trip to Caen
  • Access to the World Equestrian Game’s Village
  • Entry to the freestyle Individual Dressage Grand Prix
  • Diner in Caen
  • Trip back to the hotel in Deauville

On the Saturday 30th of August:

  • Trip to Le Haras-du-Pin
  • Entry to the cross-country VIP village with brunch and champagne
  • Trip to Paris
  • Diner in Paris
  • Hotel in Paris

On Sunday 31st of August

  • Transit towards airport or train station
  • Trip from France to your country

Following 49 PrizesEdit

The remaining winners will each receive one numbered lithography from Howrse

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