Winged Unicorn

On October 29th 2013, a new feature was added to Howrse. You could turn a unicorn into a Winged Unicorn! (Also known as pegacorn or alicorn)

How do you get a Winged Unicorn?Edit

In order to get a Winged Unicorn, you have to have a unicorn . Then you add Medusa's Blood to it.


When two winged unicorns are bred together, they have the normal 1/5 chance of producing a unicorn foal.

  • Even if both parents have the wings and unicorn horn, the foal will not inherit the wings. Just as it normally is, Medusa's blood will not carry over into breeding.

However, if you breed a pegacorn with a horse/pony, it'll have the general effect, a horse/pony will be born.

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