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Fer-nomade Wandering Horses are all race of feral horses that go from player to player offering gifts.

In order to win a wandering horse and the prize that comes with it, you must collect points by completing missions. When you get 100 points, the horse becomes yours for five days!

List of Wandering HorsesEdit

Batch Percent
B1 Champion
B1 Fortune
B1 Shy
B1 Patience
B1 Loyal
B1 Pioneer
B2 Khan
B2 Càpac
B2 Harald
B2 Columbus
B2 Ramses
B2 Lucy
B2 Cochise
B2 Caesar
B3 Aphrodite
B3 Apollo
B3 Athena
B3 Dionysus
B3 Hadesgggg
B3 Helios
B3 Hephaestus
B3 Poseidon
B3 Zeus
B4 Mediterraneo
B4 Indiana
B4 Caraïbiana
B4 Arctica
B4 Atlantico
B4 Antarctico
B4 Pacifico
B5 Meropam
B5 Upupas
B5 Phasia
B5 Ramphila
B5 Balearica
B5 Goura
B5 Lophos
B5 Melopsis
B5 Pavos
B5 Phoenico
B5 Cinnyris
B5 Epimon
B5 Momotus
B5 Alcedo
B5 Aquila


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