Pomme-vintage v1828806360
Official Description
Customize your horse with one of the original coats from the game!

A horse with one of these coats can no longer be sold.

This item will give the horse the following bonuses:

  • Stamina: +5
  • Speed: +5
  • Dressage: +5
  • Gallop: +5
  • Trot: +5
  • Jumping: +5

The Vintage Apple can only be used on adult horses, and special coats are not transferred to foals.

Vintage Apples cannot be used in conjunction with another special coat. If you give your horse a Golden Apple and then a Vintage Apple, your horse will lose their Golden Apple.

The Vintage Apple allows you to change your horse's coat to an original Howrse coat. Players cannot buy this item in the Black Market or trade for it in the Item Exchange. The only way to earn them is through events. The coat and breed of the horse selected to have this does not matter; any breed of horse, unicorn, winged unicorn, pegasus, or pony can wear any original coat of its species. However, three rules apply:

  • Horses of one species cannot wear another species' coat (a pony cannot wear a horse's coat, a horse cannot wear a unicorn's coat, etc).
  • Draft horses cannot use this item, as they were created after the art update.
  • Horses wearing this item cannot be sold.