VIP Helmet

VIP Account

VIP Account

The VIP account gives you access to exclusive features and perks that will make your game more interesting and exciting.

This new subscription opens a new way to play Howrse!

The VIP account comes with a certain number of core perks, as well as 10 perks you can customize based on your expectations and needs.

Included perks

The perks received by this account include all the perks already available in the Pegasus account. Some of these perks have been upgraded, such as the number of breeding farms you can have (100), or the number of trades you can perform per week (9). But there are also new perks, such as:

access a new bonus in the shop, horseshoe studs that give you a +12 bonus in your horse's best skill, 2 team creations (non-VIP members can also join them), the ability to save your favourite search settings, and much more.

"à la carte" Perks

In order to tailor your VIP account to the way you play, you can choose 10 additional "à la carte" perks.

For instance, you can:

change your horses' speciality as often as you wish, increase the chance of giving birth to unicorns, have your horses enter competitions in one click, automatically preselect the quantity of food your horses need...

You can change these perks every 30 days.

In order to be eligible for a VIP account, you must have purchased at least 100 passes or be ranked among the 50 best players in the following rankings: general ranking, number of trophies, number of rosettes won during the past month, breeding farm prestige, creations (creators and collectors).

The subscription costs 10 passes per month or 50 passes for 6 months (one month free)! You can also convert Pegasus subscription time to VIP subscription time.

Thanks to the VIP account you can also create teams and invite your friends to join you. Teams offer the possibility of taking part in the affix ranking as well as private team forums or the ability to lend horses to your team mates!

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