Today's Promotion Topic: The Treasure Hunt
Start / End of Promotion: August 20th to September 7th
Ultimate Prize: Amira, Legendary divine

This contest is a treasure hunt during which the goal is to find Amira, the legendary horse. You have to find items on different scenes and collect points. Those points will allow you to win gifts.

You receive hourglasses (or timers) that will allow you to play. They can be earned:
• With your first connection of the day (4)
• When you groom your horse (2)
• When you win a competition (2)
• By paying with passes

One hourglass allows you to play a round. During a round you have 11 items to find.  When you find an item:
• You win 95 points
• A 10 seconds timer appears
If you find another item during the 10 seconds, you win 15 bonus points. There is no limit of time to find the items.

You collect points by playing rounds. When you get to certain levels, you win gifts. Prizes include aging points, mashes, Black Market items, extra hourglasses, a new breed of horse (the Selle Français) and Amira's tack.

There are 5 scenes where you can find the items. The scenes are unlocked when you find a clue. When you collect a certain amount of points on several rounds, a clue item will appear on the scene and will become the 11th item to find. Finding this special item will allow you to unlock a new scene. Each scene you finish gives you a piece of Amira’s tack. So if you finish all the 5 scenes, you‘ll get the 5 pieces of tack and be able transform one of your horses into Amira.

The chapters of Amira’s story will be unlocked step by step during the contest when players play rounds. The more rounds the community plays, the faster the chapters will be unlocked. This way, you will know everything about the adventures of the mysterious Amira.

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