Today's Promotion Topic: The Continental Cards
Start / End of Promotion: September 9th to September 28th
Ultimate Prize: Tormenta, Legendary divine

This contest is a promotion during which you travel across the continents with the new collectible cards and try to win Tormenta, the new legendary horse.

You will receive cards that can be scratched. They can be earned:
• On your first connection of the day (2 cards a day)
• When your horses win competitions (limited to 2 cards a day)
• In the Flash Sales
• By trading your duplicate cards with equus (1 time a day)
• By buying them with passes
• In Joker cards packs (when the offer is available, the packs can be bought with passes and diamonds )

There are 28 cards which offer you gifts directly, once you've activated them (such as a Philosopher's Stone and The 5th Element), while others will help you complete puzzles, allowing you to win the corresponding gift (Water of Youth, Poseidon’s Pack, etc). There are three types of cards: bronze, silver, gold and diamond, each one rarer than the last and containing either valuable items or puzzle cards.

Take a look at the Joker cards as well. Use them to obtain the card of your choice from among those of the same level. 

The tack of Tormenta can be found by:
• Scratching cards (3 pieces)
• Completing the South America puzzle (1 piece)
• Completing all the puzzles (1 piece)
• Buying it in the Flash Sales (if the tack is put up for auction all at once)

The chapters of Tormenta’s story will be unlocked step by step during the contest when players activate a certain number of cards. The more cards the community activates, the faster the chapters will be unlocked. This way, you will know everything about the adventures of the lovely Tormenta.

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