The Northern Spirit

aka Spirit

  • I live in On planet Earth
  • I was born on October 10
  • My occupation is Howrse player, graphic designer
  • I am Female
  • The Northern Spirit

    Today's Promotion Topic: The Continental Cards
    Start / End of Promotion: September 9th to September 28th
    Ultimate Prize: Tormenta, Legendary divine

    This contest is a promotion during which you travel across the continents with the new collectible cards and try to win Tormenta, the new legendary horse.

    You will receive cards that can be scratched. They can be earned:
    • On your first connection of the day (2 cards a day)
    • When your horses win competitions (limited to 2 cards a day)
    • In the Flash Sales
    • By trading your duplicate cards with equus (1 time a day)
    • By buying them with passes
    • In Joker cards packs (when the offer is available, the packs can be bought with passes and diamonds )

    There are 28 cards which offer you gifts directly, once you've…

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  • The Northern Spirit

    Today's Promotion Topic: The Treasure Hunt
    Start / End of Promotion: August 20th to September 7th
    Ultimate Prize: Amira, Legendary divine

    This contest is a treasure hunt during which the goal is to find Amira, the legendary horse. You have to find items on different scenes and collect points. Those points will allow you to win gifts.

    You receive hourglasses (or timers) that will allow you to play. They can be earned:
    • With your first connection of the day (4)
    • When you groom your horse (2)
    • When you win a competition (2)
    • By paying with passes

    One hourglass allows you to play a round. During a round you have 11 items to find.  When you find an item:
    • You win 95 points
    • A 10 seconds timer appears
    If you find another item during the 10 seconds, you win…

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