We are preparing a contest for Howrse and we would like our players to take part in its creation!


We are preparing a contest for the end of January based on the theme of freedom for the horses.

To that effect we have decided that it would be a fun experience to ask our players to take part in the creation of this contest!

We would like you to use your graphic creation skills to propose the designs for this contest thanks to a special item called the Pearl Key.

It works in a similar fashion to the Black Pearl and you can consult the Pearl Key page to learn more about this item and on how to take part in the creation proposal for the contest. On the 11th of January, you will have the possibility to propose your creation for the Pearl Key design contest in the same way as for the Creation Space.

To get the best illustrations and to spike the challenge up a little you will have to vote for the 20 best creations proposed by the players of all the Howrse versions!

If a player's is selected as a winner and his design used in the contest, he'll then earn 100 passes on his version! Beware: You must read the rules and guidelines on the Pearl Key page to make sure your design fits the requirements.

Please note that it is mandatory to use the available template to draw your creation.

For more details please check the Pearl Key's page.

Good luck and happy drawing!

The Howrse Team

The Pearl Key Page!

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