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  • Laurasnake

    Good day to you, Wiki! :3

    4 days into the STW, and everything's flying along! I've made 9 recipes so far, with one Shower baking right as I type this - Only 5 hours until it's done! These STW blogs are just a record, a way to track my progress, if you like. Feel free to read, although I don't talk about much.

    Ahh, Quartz. The lovely, shimmering ultimate prize of this event. The requirements to get Quartz are pictured on the right, along with how close I am to winning! Nearly a third of the way there recipe wise, but I'm pretty sure I'm never going to get all those Unicorn Horns and food colourings. As for those 20 ingredients? Well, I'll have to stop using them all, first! Maybe I'll get a divine one day, but not this promo.

    Let's see, now. O…

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  • Laurasnake

    New to Wiki!

    May 28, 2013 by Laurasnake

    Greetings, everyone! After visiting this amazing Howrse wikia quite a few times, I decided it was time I stepped in to help how I could! All I've really done so far is upload a bunch of transparent horse breed images, but, hey, it's something, at least! So, yeah. Hope this wiki will continue growing in such a positive way!~

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