TΛSHUПKΛ♘ODΛKOTΛ is a brand new Equestrian Center!

Looking to fill all positions:

  • Groom
  • Riding Instructor
  • Farrier
  • Saddler
Employees will also have a Box 3*** (with shower) reserved for them.

Salaries offered start at the minimum.
Raises after 10 days and are open to negotiation if you renew your contract.

Prestige 36 %
Meadows 69 %
The boxes 67 %
The lessons 60 %
The competitions 0 %
Stabling 3 %
  • Specialty: Classical Riding
  • Box 3*** (with showers)
  • Straw bedding
  • Small Race Track
  • Large Race Track

11 Large Fertile Meadows:

2 Flax
1 Carrot
1 Oat
1 Barley
(2** fertilizer)
1 Pasture
5 Fallow
5 Greenhouses (Fallow)
  • Carrots & Mash will be available soon.

Come grow with us!


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