Part 1

The Skills are in decreasing order; I have never BLUPed some breeds, so let me know if I made a mistake ;)

Horses with names A-L

Breed Top 3 Skills Rides Classical Competitions Western Competitions
Appaloosa Speed, Gallop, Dressage Short Gallop Gallop Barrels
Arabian Stamina, Dressage, Jump Long Steep Slope Cross country Trail
Argentinean Criollo Stamina, Dressage, Speed Long and Short Any Trot Cutting
Barb Stamina, Speed, Dressage Long and Short Any Showjumping Cutting
Brumby Speed, Gallop, Stamina Long and Short Gallop Cross country Barrels
Canadian Horse Stamina, Dressage, Jump Long Steep Slope Cross country Trail
Curly Stamina, Trot, Speed Long and Short Trot Cross country Trail
Friesian Dressage, Trot, Stamina Long Trot Cross country Western Pleasure
Gypsy Vanner Stamina, Dressage, Jump Long Jump Cross Country Trail
Hackney Trot, Stamina, Dressage Long Trot Cross Country Western Pleasure
Hanoverian Jump, Speed, Gallop Short Gallop and Steep Slope Gallop Barrels
Holsteiner Jump, Gallop, Dressage Long Gallop and Steep Slope Gallop Reining
Irish Hunter Dressage, Stamina, Gallop Long Gallop Cross country  Reining
Knabstrupper Dressage, Trot, Jump  Trot and Steep Slope  Dressage Trail
Lusitano Dressage, Trot, Gallop Trot and Gallop Dressage Reining, Western Pleasure

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