Cookie Pegasus

  • I live in Australia
  • I was born on October 24
  • I am Female
  • Cookie Pegasus

    Hey! I'm Cookie Pegasus, I recently joined this wiki and have being editing a hand full of pages all afternoon, cleaning them up and making them look more slick. Pretty neat, huh? And... kinda weird, I mean, who edits wiki pages all afternoon? I'm a neat freak, okay? It's not my fault it took me 40 minutes to finally realise I got some (extremely obvious) page coding wrong... 

    Anyway, I'm around and and happy to chat. But I'm annoying in 2 ways:

    • A. I wouldn't understand half of what you say because I basically ask you why all day long.
    • B. I'm just generally annoying. It's a gift .

    Also Toothless is adorable. If you don't think so too... Something is clearly wrong with your brain.

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