aka Mistress Rebel

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  • I live in Time to escape, the clutches of a name, no this is not a game, Its just a new beginning
  • I was born on July 6
  • My occupation is We Can Make the World Stop
  • I am totally not plotting to take over the world. Why do you ask?
  • CookieRebel

    Until the 9th of December, prove that you have green thumbs in the Enchanted Greenhouse!

    Until the 9th of December, prove that you have green thumbs in the Enchanted Greenhouse!

    Your goal is to get magical plants to bloom thanks to your gardening skills.

    Each blooming plant offers you a set of gifts that you can claim.

    Once you've managed to get 30 flowers to bloom you get a Gold seed.

    If you manage to get the Gold seed blooming you are in for a big gift!

    So don't wait to explore your Enchanted Greenhouse and get your hands a bit dirty.

    Enjoy this very special gardening session!

    © Howrse

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  • CookieRebel

    Starting today and until the 19th of November, you can buy your own Namibian Wild Horse directly in the reserved sales!

    To get your Namibian Wild Horse, you need to have access to the direct sales and go to the reserved sales tab.

    In that tab you will find a Namibian Wild Horse for sale against 0 Equus and 12 passes.

    You can buy as many Namibian Wild Horse as you wish, the only condition to buy one is to have access to the private sales.

    Wild horses are extremely rare and need to be tamed from birth before they can be properly trained.

    This can be a long and difficult process, but when you're done they reward you with a ton of diamonds up until 80 years old!

    If you're one of the quickest to tame a wild horse breed, the horse will have a high genet…

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