Meander across time and history to discover the achievements of humanity!

Please welcome the Time Travel Cards on Howrse until the 12/05/2013 05:00!

35 of these cards offer you gifts directly once you've activated them.

You could be lucky and get gifts such as Horns of Plenty, some aging points, some Equus, Harmony Packs or even Hera Packs!

And even maybe the new Banker Wild Horse!

The other cards will be quite useful to complete the Seven Time Travel Puzzles!

When you complete a puzzle it'll offer you the corresponding gift.

These are the gifts you can get when you complete one of the puzzles :

Thanks to some very rare cards you could also get your hands on:

The Chronos' Privilege: allows you to put one Chronos Timer for free on all the horses for which you are the original breeder for a period of ten days.

The Papyrus Privilege: Gives you one Plouto's Parchment per day for a period of twenty days.

If you are skilful and complete all the puzzles, you'll win Thracius the Wind Divine horse!

How can you win cards?

  • When you connect for the first time of the day
  • When your horses win competitions (limited to 2 cards a day)
  • in the Flash Sales
  • By trading cards you have twice (1 times per day for a cost of 5 diamonds)
  • And maybe with a little more help during the contest...

For more information don't hesitate to check out the Time travel Cards' contest page!

Meander across time and history to discover the achievements of humanity.

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