Collect ingredients, follow the recipes, mix your batter, and win gifts!

Until the 06/13/2013 05:00, collect ingredients, follow the recipes, mix your batter, bake it and win gifts!

To learn about the various ways to gather the ingredients required to complete the recipes, simply go to the Sweet Treat Workshop contest's page.

Once you'll have gathered all the ingredients to cook a recipe, you will need to mix the batter and bake it.

Each recipe has its own specific baking time. You can only bake a single recipe at a time.

Don't forget to take your cake out of the oven once its baking time is over!

To speed things up a little, you can use baking boosters. Baking boosters can be found in the same was the ingredients for the recipes.

You can do the same recipe as many times as you like but its price worth of ingredients triples each time.

You could win plenty of gifts like Equus, Fertility Wands, 5th Elements, Poseidon Packs, or even Nyx Packs...

If you manage to complete 30 recipes, you'll then be able to start the recipe for baking Quartz the latest Gemstone Divine horse!

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