Find Puzzle pieces, stick them together and nice gifts!

Until the 07/21/2013 05:00, show us your puzzle assembling skills and maybe win Pluto the latest Solar System Divine horse!

You can find puzzle pieces by:

  • By logging in daily
  • By grooming a horse
  • By winning competitions
  • By reaching a horse's 10th birthday
  • By removing a unicorn's horn
  • By catching UFOs
  • Open Horns of Plenty

Then stick your puzzle together by clicking the correct puzzle piece positions with your mouse cursor.

Each puzzle has a set amount of pieces. You need to finish a puzzle to win the gifts it offers as well as move onto the next puzzle.

You'll only find puzzle pieces for the puzzle you are currently trying to complete, except if you already have all the pieces but haven't assembled them.

If you manage to complete the 12th puzzle, you win Pluto the latest Solar System Divine Horse!

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