Until 09/19/2013 05:00, you can try to break the Howrse Piñatas!

The aim of the game is to smash open all of the twenty Piñatas to gather what they contain by clicking on them.

Don't forget to complete the objectives to further your progress.

You can also open Horns of Plenty to get extra points, the amount of points varies from a piñata to the next.

You can also work with the whole Howrse community and attempt to smash the giant Howrse Piñata on Facebook by reaching a total of 10 000 likes!

If everyone works together and the target is achieved the Piñata will burst open and offer a set of Golden spurs to each player that took part.

To learn more about the Piñatas and how to smash them to smithereens check out the contest page!

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