Gather gifts, keys and overcome challenges to get a chance at Opal!

Until the 01/05/2014 05:00, take a Magic Ride and start gathering presents to pile up under your Christmas tree in anticipation for the 25th of December!

Your aim is to get across all the board to gather as many presents as possible and a chance to try and get the Jackpot: Opal the new Gemstone Divine!

To move from square to square, you will need to roll a die, each throw will tell you how far you can move thanks to the highlighted squares.

To move from board to board you will have to gather all the keys on each level to get to the next.

If you manage to gather all the 28 keys, you can try your luck at getting Opal!

To make things easier you can take up challenges that will offer you extra die rolls, bonus die rolls or extra gifts!

And you may even get some extra help during the Magic Ride...

Warning: You will only be able to open the presents you gathered starting on the 25th of December, not before!

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