Until the 11/17/2013 05:00, the Lottery is back to give you plenty of fun goodies!

Here are the various ways of gathering tickets :

  • Buy as many tickets as you want (the price triples with every purchase)
  • Use your passes: 1 pass used =4 free tickets for the next draw (excluding the purchases of horses, Black Pearls and diamonds).
  • Have your friends give you free tickets! (maximum 5 tickets per draw).
  • You get a ticket each time on of your horses wins a competition. (maximum two tickets per draw)

Of course the more tickets you have, the more gifts you win!

If you are very lucky you could even get one of the 4 Top gifts: a pack of 3 passes, 200,000 equus, a Nyx Pack or one of The Wind Divine horses!

Each day during the Lottery a different Wind Divine can be won. Simply go to the contest page to find out which one it is.

Starting on the 11th day of the lottery and until the end of the contest, you'll be able to win the new Wind Divine Libonotus!

You'll also have the possibility of buying the Wind Divines (except Libonotus) in the private sales for 20 passes the day where they are the top prize in the lottery.

You can also win Clovers in each Lottery draw.

Clovers allow you to get gifts in the Clover store, the more Clovers you exchange the bigger the gift!

Each time you exchange Clovers for an item, the number of Clovers you need to get that item once more triples.

You can also get bonus clovers if you buy at least 1 ticket during 4 consecutive draws.

Please note that you can only win the 4 top gifts once during the whole Lottery, you can't get a Wind Divine twice for instance.

To know when the next draw is coming up, check the Lottery page.

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