Test your engineering skills by building incredible Gift Machines thanks to objectives on Howrse!

Until the 2013-03-07 08:00, Your mission if you accept it, is to build the Gift Machine by completing objectives!

You can build up to 4 Gift Machines that will offer your various gifts. The fourth machine which is the hardest to build, will offer you Caicias, the Wind Divine Horse!

Amongst the gifts that Caicias can offer, you can find a Hestia's Gift!

The machines are built in a specific and predefined order. You will have to complete the first machine before starting to build the second one.

You can complete 5 objectives per day to build your machines! If you want to go faster you can also use Horns of Plenty.

Once a machine is complete, it is ready to start producing gifts.

To produce a gift thanks to a machine you will have to power it up with energy.

You can gather energy by accomplishing various actions. You will find the instructions on the Gift Machine contest page.

Energy can also be found in the Horns of Plenty. Stay alert, during this contest the energy that you'll be able to gather inside Horns of Plenty may be doubled during certain periods!

So get your toolbox, heavy duty gloves and helmet ready to get the nuts and bolts from your machines nice and tight!

For more information take a look at the Gift Machine contest page or the Event forum.

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