Become an adventurer by excavating the Howrse archaeological site and gathering Osiris' bones!

You have been tasked with finding and assembling Osiris' skeleton and you have until the 10/31/2013 06:00 to complete this important mission.

You will have to excavate on the Howrse archaeological site to find buried treasures, relics and of course a few bones!

Don’t forget to try and upgrade your tools thanks to relics; excavating becomes a breeze with a jackhammer!

You might even be able to get your hands on a few sticks of dynamite during the contest …

Along your path you may meet a few angry spirits or ghosts that will try to pull a trick or two.

You can counter the effect of their little jokes by completing missions.

To find out more about the contest take a look at the Cursed Sands Contest page!

also look out for these cool ufos that have been spoted around the site :)


-gift chest-


-Gives relics-


-Gives Bones-

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