10/28 New Features on Howrse!

Easier unicorn coverings

No more time zone constraints!

- Unicorn covering hours are now displayed according to your local time and not site time to help you find your way around more easily.

- Check your unicorns' covering times, they might no longer match your initial choice.

If this is the case, you can change them exceptionally even if you've already done so in the last 30 days.

On top of that, on a unicorn's covering page, you can now see whether it's time to confirm the covering or not:

- An icon will be displayed if the time is not right
- An icon will be displayed if it's time, and a timer will show how many seconds are left to confirm the covering in the right circumstances.

Breeding costs reviewed

Pay your vet fees ahead of time!

- Vet fees are now due on the date of covering instead of date of birth.
- Vet fees correspond to 1 % of your Equus reserve with a minimum fee of 100 Equus and maximum of 2 500 Equus.

Stallion covering prices start off at 500 instead of 200.

And also...

- Find the Golden Apple limited series coats in one click of your mouse thanks to a new filter on the Black Market. - On the players' profile page, the breeder section and ID page have been merged.
- From now on, when your co-administrators use passes or items from the Black Market, their user ID will show in your history.
- You can choose to appear in the list of latest winners of the Titan's Challenge if you win at level 6 or over!

Read the Artical Here

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