Starting today all the players that have already completed their 100 objectives get access to a new feature: The Trophies!

There are plenty of different and new trophies available for you to complete!

Each collection that you manage to finish awards you with a trophy on your presentation page!

Here are a few of the trophies you can try to earn:

- Own all the breeds of horses

- Own all the horse coats of the game

- Catch a certain amount of UFOs

- Collect a certain amount of Golden Apple coats

- ...

And many many more!

Please note that trophies evolve and that you can also lose a trophy that you own if you don't fit the requirements any longer.

For instance if you sell a horse that is part of a collection or a new breed is introduced to the game the trophy linked to those collections will disappear.

Only horses that are alive count for collections.

For example one of your horses that is registered for a collection dies, goes to the Safe Haven or in Heaven.

You will simply need to fill in the required conditions and the trophy will be yours once more!

For more detailed information we strongly suggest that you take a look at the Trophy pagethat can be found by clicking this link and by joining us in the forums in the Trophy topic.

© Howrse

-Trophie page on this wiki

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