Discover the Titan's Challenge and it's extraordinary properties here on Howrse!

Discover the Titan's Challenge and it's extraordinary properties until the 17th of December in the Black Market on Howrse!

For 2 passes you can try and Challenge the Titans to try and get riches and glory for your horses.

But beware as betting against the ancient gods may turn out to be risky!

The Titan's Challenge allows you to bet against the odds and try to complete all 8 levels to earn the most riches and presents.

However each time you decide to try for another level you may also lose and only go back with a compensations gift.

It is up to you to know when you need to pull out of the game and stop challenging the odds.

For the competition enthusiasts there is also a possibility of earning a free Titan's Challenge for 10 competitions won by your horses!

If you are wise or lucky then you will return home with mountains of gifts!

We wish you luck in this endeavor!

The Titan's Challenge!

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(c) Howrse

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