Come and join the Treasure Race on Howrse and overcome the obstacles that are set across your path to the final gift !

Until the 18th of October at 12:00 game time, take part in the Treasure Race on Howrse and gather plenty of gifts like :

Aging points, Mashes , Black Orchids , Zeus' Lightning Bolts , Medusa's Blood or Titans' Challenges !

Your aim is to overcome the hurdles set along your way by clicking on them and gathering the treasures hidden behind each of them.

Bramble hedges, snakes or giant carnivorous plants will try to stop your progression until the last obstacle which hides a Treasure Chest !

Inside this Treasure Chest you'll find the long awaited divine mare Earth !

To help you triumph over these harsh tasks you will be able to:

  • Ask for the help of your friends, 200 equus per help request.
  • Complete goals to make your progression simpler.

You must complete the objectives associated to an obstacle before retrieving the treasure it's hiding if you want to benefit from their advantages.

Don't forget your survival kit before going on this rough adventure !

© Howrse

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