You are on a mission on Howrse to release the captive horses from their prisons, will you free them all? Until the 02/14/2013 05:00 you can help us release the horses held as prisoners in the Release the Horses Contest!

Your aim is to complete objectives to find the key and unlock the horses that have been caged in.

Completing these goals can give you various advantages like more clicks, being able to get help from friends or being able to click more often on the obstacles.

There are 20 horses to set free thanks to accomplishments on the game and each of them will offer you a gift once freed.

These horses as you know have been created thanks to the players across all the versions of Howrse!

To get to the next horse to set free you need to complete the previous obstacle andrelease the current horse first by clicking the get your gifts button.

All the players who have proposed a creation for this contest and that aren't part of the 20 winners can use their creation to send bonus horses to release to their friends.

You can only receive the a bonus horses once.

Once you have managed to release the 20 horses that were held as prisoners you get the Wind Divine Horse Notus!


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