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    if you have over 500 edits and have been here for 3 months with no warnings/bans you can qualify to be a:

    • bureaucrat
    • rollback
    • Chat moderator

    if you want admin powers you have to have over 1,000 edits with no bans/warnings and have to be her for 4 months

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    Gather gifts, keys and overcome challenges to get a chance at Opal!

    Until the 01/05/2014 05:00, take a Magic Ride and start gathering presents to pile up under your Christmas tree in anticipation for the 25th of December!

    Your aim is to get across all the board to gather as many presents as possible and a chance to try and get the Jackpot: Opal the new Gemstone Divine!

    To move from square to square, you will need to roll a die, each throw will tell you how far you can move thanks to the highlighted squares.

    To move from board to board you will have to gather all the keys on each level to get to the next.

    If you manage to gather all the 28 keys, you can try your luck at getting Opal!

    To make things easier you can take up challenges that will off…

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    Meander across time and history to discover the achievements of humanity!

    Please welcome the Time Travel Cards on Howrse until the 12/05/2013 05:00!

    35 of these cards offer you gifts directly once you've activated them.

    You could be lucky and get gifts such as Horns of Plenty, some aging points, some Equus, Harmony Packs or even Hera Packs!

    And even maybe the new Banker Wild Horse!

    The other cards will be quite useful to complete the Seven Time Travel Puzzles!

    When you complete a puzzle it'll offer you the corresponding gift.

    These are the gifts you can get when you complete one of the puzzles :

    • Fertility Wand
    • Pyramid's Privilege
    • Aphrodite's Tears
    • Golden Apple
    • Nyx Pack
    • Titan's Challenge
    • The 5th Element

    Thanks to some very rare cards you could also get yo…

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    Until the 11/17/2013 05:00, the Lottery is back to give you plenty of fun goodies!

    Here are the various ways of gathering tickets :

    • Buy as many tickets as you want (the price triples with every purchase)
    • Use your passes: 1 pass used =4 free tickets for the next draw (excluding the purchases of horses, Black Pearls and diamonds).
    • Have your friends give you free tickets! (maximum 5 tickets per draw).
    • You get a ticket each time on of your horses wins a competition. (maximum two tickets per draw)

    Of course the more tickets you have, the more gifts you win!

    If you are very lucky you could even get one of the 4 Top gifts: a pack of 3 passes, 200,000 equus, a Nyx Pack or one of The Wind Divine horses!

    Each day during the Lottery a different Wind Divine c…

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    Become an adventurer by excavating the Howrse archaeological site and gathering Osiris' bones!

    You have been tasked with finding and assembling Osiris' skeleton and you have until the 10/31/2013 06:00 to complete this important mission.

    You will have to excavate on the Howrse archaeological site to find buried treasures, relics and of course a few bones!

    Don’t forget to try and upgrade your tools thanks to relics; excavating becomes a breeze with a jackhammer!

    You might even be able to get your hands on a few sticks of dynamite during the contest …

    Along your path you may meet a few angry spirits or ghosts that will try to pull a trick or two.

    You can counter the effect of their little jokes by completing missions.

    To find out more about the cont…

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