A unicorn is a one-horned horse or pony. All unicorns are purebred.

Marwari Unicorn - Light Gray

A Marwari Unicorn

Breeding Conditions Edit

In order to breed a unicorn foal, all of these rules must be followed:

  1.  The mare that you plan to have a unicorn foal must be a unicorn.
  2. The stallion that you plan to breed to the mare must be the same breed and also a unicorn.
  3. The covering can be at whatever time now , just make sure when you cover your mare , wait 10 hours at least.
  4. There is only a 1 in 5 chance of the foal being an unicorn, unless you were to select the perk for the VIP account that makes you have a higher chance (1/4) of getting a unicorn. This makes unicorns very rare and they often sell for a lot of equus and/or passes.

When buying a unicorn in the sales, on average most unicorns cost 1 pass and 500e. This is not the default price for a unicorn, as players may sell them for much higher prices.

Hestia's GiftEdit

Hestia's Gift gives you 100% certainty of giving birth to a unicorn foal, no matter what time the covering takes place, as long as both parents are unicorns of the same breed.

More infoEdit

Players now receive two one-minute unicorn covering sessions per day that can be activated by breeding a unicorn mare to a unicorn stallion. During the minute after the covering is finalized, any unicorn mares bred in that time will have a 1/5 chance of producing a unicorn foal.

Don't hesitate to come and ask your questions about this change in the Event Forum.

The following breeds have unicorn versions:

As of 1.26.13 there are no Argentinean Criollo unicorns


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