Official Description

Tormenta is a mare that is part of the Legendary horses.

You can obtain her when you give the 5 pieces of Tormenta's legendary tack to one of your horses, or when you purchase a Tormenta pack.

On certain days, she can complete 2 missions. Upon completing the second daily mission, she gives a 10% training bonus in one skill to all your horses.

When Tormenta is obtained via the Tormenta pack, the probability that she can take on two missions a day is higher.

VIP: Automated retrieval of items crafted in workshops (except for buildings).

This mare cannot be sold.

Read Tormenta's story and learn more about this horse (Tormenta's Legend).

Tormenta is one of the legendary horses, along with Zaldia, Bucephalus, Altair, and Amira.

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