Companions -retired-Edit

Goat - 300 equus ~retired~

Hen - 400 equus ~retired~

Monkey - 500 equus ~retired~

Rabbit 1000 equus ~retired~

Zebra - 1500 equus ~retired~

Swallow - 2500 equus ~retired~

Cat - 5000 equus ~retired~

Phoenix - 5 diamonds ~retired~

Griffin - 12 diamonds ~retired~

Although you can still buy horses in the sales with these companions if you really wanted one. They cost a lot of equus and even passes.


Seahorse  As of the June 2013 update, the seahorse and Eolus' WInd have been altered. The seahorse is now gone, and has been merged with the Eolus' WInd so it now gives a +4 dressage bonus as well as the other bonuses. Owners of the Pegasus Account now get unlimited free Eolus' Winds insted of seahorses

As of December 2013, These items can now be bought with Equus instead of Diamonds.

Daphne's Laurels -  3 diamonds As of the July 2013 update, Daphne's Laurels are now Bell Boots

Eolus' Wind - 5 diamonds As of the July 2013 update, Eolus' Wind is now the Whip

Golden Spurs - 6 diamonds As of the July 2013 update, the Golden Spurs are now Spurs

Boreas's Lunge - 9 diamonds As of the July 2013 update, Boreas' Lunge is now the Lunge 

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