The Sweet Treat Workshop is an event that lasted from 27th May 2013 to 13th June 2013. You had to collect ingredients and bake them into valuable items by following recipes.

To find the ingredients, you could do the following:

  • By retrieving your unicorn's horn
  • By removing your Pegasus' wings
  • with the UFOs
  • when your horses wake up on their birthdays (maximum 4 per day)
  • by taking part in competitions (maximum 4 per day)
  • when you find a tub of grease with your horses (maximum 3 per day)
  • in Flash Sales
  • during your first connection of the day
  • in the Horns of Plenty  (2 ingredients per Horn of Plenty)

In addition, if you were over the age of 13, you could watch sponsered videos in order to earn more ingredients.

Each time you baked the same recipe, the amount of ingredients needed to complete it tripled. For example, if you needed 2 bowls of sugar to make something, if you made it again, you would need 6 bowls of sugar. 

  • You could watch your item baking, and the timer ticking.
  • Your ingredients were displayed on lots of shelves!
  • The top prize was being able to obtain the divine Quartz!
  • Lots of eager players bid on ingredients in the flash sales.
  • You could make the rare and amazing Nyx pack!

The top prize was the recipe to get the divine horse Quartz. There were many Black Market items to be won too. You can see the complete list of recipes and prizes here.

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