Seniority is the number of days you have signed in on Howrse. Many milestones and privileges in the game are determined by seniority.

If you have less than 10 karma points, you will gain a karma point every thirty calendar days.

Seniority Milestones and Rewards:

  • Day 10:
    • Access to auctions
  • Day 20:
  • Day 25:
    • Trophy for your collection "Elite player": Seniority (25)
  • Day 30:
    • Access to direct sales (with at least 2 living horses, and at least 4 karma)
    • Able to reserve a first affix, and an additional affix for every thirty days of seniority
    • Lose access to the Kickstarter Pack from the Black Market
  • Day 50:
    • Trophy for your collection "Elite player": Seniority (50)
    • Able to credit a pass using 20% of your reserve once every thirty days
  • Day 60:
  • Day 100:
    • Trophy for your collection "Elite player": Seniority (100)

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