Secret Pages are hidden pages that users must find for Specific Objectives.

Each Secret Page can only be visited once, and that's when the user is at the objective.

Otherwise, it will say that the page doesn't exist.   On US Howrse, you just need to search for the link that says "Secret Page."

Secret Page #1Edit






If one or more of these links are incorrect, or if you know another which isn't listed, Feel free to add to or correct this list.

There is also a link inside of howrse that takes you strait to it, but you have to figure out this riddle It's fun to be creative

Secret Page #2Edit

Secret Page #2 (old)Edit

This Page changes every day. Instead of 0000, insert the number of current living horses on Howrse. This information is at the top of the page in Directories > Horses.

Secret Page #3Edit

This page also changes every day: and then add the ID number of the person who won the most competitions the day before.

  • Secret Page #1
  • Secret Page #2
  • Secret Page #3 (International)