Transform your horse into an apocalyptic entity thanks to the Seal of the Apocalypse.
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This item will give the horse the following bonuses:
  • Stamina: +5
  • Speed: +5
  • Dressage: +5
  • Gallop: +5
  • Trot: +5
  • Jumping: +5

Your horse can become...

  • Bellum :

Your horse receives an extra +3 bonus to each skill.



  • Fames :

Your horse does not lose health when it is too thin.

  • Mors :

The health and morale of your horse have no bearing on the results of training, rides or competitions.



  • Pestilentia :


Your horse has the chance of giving its coat to one of its descendants during its first five coverings.

Only horses older than 1 year and 6 months can use the Seal of the Apocalypse.

The Seal of the Apocalypse cannot be used in conjunction with another special coat. If you first give a Golden Apple to your horse, then give that same horse the Seal of the Apocalypse, it will lose its Golden Apple.

The Seal of the Apocalypse can no longer be traded.

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