Hi, and welcome to the Howrse wiki! Here are a few rules that are simple and easy to follow.


  • pictures must be .png and transparent on horse pages if you don't know how heres a link.
  • Please let only monitors or admins make news for this site so it can show up on the home page

Howrse Wiki Rules

Nothing-small No advertisement on any page except for your user page or blogs.

  • If you have to post a picture on a page make sure the owner/affix is blocked out as it can be considered as advertising.
  • This includes usernames to your howrse page.

Nothing-small Please do not make pages on your own or your friends' horse(s). Keep this on your user page.

  • Be nice and respect others
    • This means no harassment of any kind such as Hate Comments, Racist Comments, or Stealing Work.
  • Nothing inappropriate messages or Pictures please.
    • That means no blood or gore.
    • This includes on your page. We want this to be a family friendly site.
  • Please do not upload SPAM. If you don't know how to get images from howrse, then look at these tutorials
  • This Wiki is written as a guide and information site
    • This means Don't put things like "Do This", or encouraging people to do things that could get them banned.
  • Do not make random pages that have nothing to do with howrse, or advertise yourself or other users.
  • Please use correct spelling whenever possible.
    • No text talk unless its on your profile please.
  • Please no badge farming
    • badge farming is when you make multiple edits to a page
    • if you make 3 ridiculous edits to a page it would be considered as badge farming

Failing to Follow These Rules:

First Offence: Results in the Page Or Edit to be erased.

Second Offence: Results in a Warning.

Third Offence: Results in a Block for a certain amount of Time

Fourth Offence: Results in a permanent ban from editing the Wiki.


  • If the situation is very bad (like trashing multiple pages with no other edits) then it will result in a 3 month ban.
  • If it's something minor like using text talk on a wiki page, this will result in a warning. If it occurs again you will be warned once more. And if it happens to occur again (which it shouldn't) you will be blocked for a couple days or so.

Only Applying to Admins

  • you must give a link to what they did so mixing up ip addresses will be less likely to happen
  • you also must say how long their banned for
  • also must give them some way to contact you

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