Thanks to the Professional Trainer, formerly the DNA strand,complete your horse's training in the bat of an eyelid. That way, it will have an excellent level for competing!

This item may only be used on adult horses that have a genetic potential lower than 80% of the game's best horses'.

The Professional Trainer will also only work with horses born after 04/16/2012.</p>

Off the forumsEdit

You need to be under 30 days old to be able to benefit from this item !

The Professional Trainer allows you to finish the training of a horse instantly.

This includes:

  • training
  • rides
  • competitions

Training is finished as if the horse had 100% in health and doesn't use any energy. It also corrects any lost training due to health before the item was applied.

This item costs 1 pass for new players on the same principle as the Business Key.

Players still completing the tutorial can't use this item.

It can be used :

  • For horses starting at 1 year and 6 months old
  • On horses with a genetic potential under 80% of the GP of the best same breed horse on the game
  • On horses that aren't divine, special, wild or wanderers
  • On horses born after the detailed skill statistic display was introduced. [17/04]

It can't be exchanged in the item exchanges.

The Professional Trainer is displayed in the item list for your horse.

(c) Howrse

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