Passes are used to buy black market items and horses. They can be purchased for real money or acquired in-game. On your 50th day of seniority, you can start earning 10 points everyday you log on and once you have 300 points on the meter you play a fun short game and the you get a free pass on the My Passes page. You can do that every 30 days after. To make it cheaper, buy fodder, until you have 1 equus. Then, buy the pass for 1 equus. Sell all the fodder back, and you'll have bought a pass for 1 equus! Passes can also be used to buy a Pegasus account, or a VIP account, if you meet the requirements, or horses, and can be traded in for equus.

You can also earn up to 30 passes per month by sending horses aged 30+ to heaven.

The player receives one extra pass with their first purchase of pass(es).

Price Edit

1 pass = 11,50 SEK

10 passes = 95 SEK

20 passes = 190 SEK

30 passes = 285 SEK

100 passes = 800 SEK

Converted Into Equus (Equus Page) Edit

1 pass = 50,000 Equus

3 passes = 200,000 Equus

10 passes = 1,000,000 Equus

Howrse Hack

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