There are some rules that are used quite often on Howrse, these are just some of the basics:

10 Day Sales Rule

  • If you sell any horse and the buyer wants to give it back, you must wait 10 days in order to have the horse back under your account.

The BLUP Rule

  • A horse will need to breed with another horse that has a positive BLUP if you want a foal with skills higher than those of the parent horses.

The Coat Rule

  • No matter what coat the parents have, the foal's coat is chosen at random. When Howrse first began, it was common knowledge that if two horses that were mated had the same coat, then there was a high chance of the resulting foal to have the same as the parents, but it wasn't guranteed, it might no longer happen now. If a horse has a Diamond Apple or a Golden Apple coat, then it's quite obvious that this coat will never be passed down to any offspring.

The Selling Horses Rule

  • In the auctions, a horse can be sold between 500 equus and 1,000,000 equus (it was previously 500e – 50,000e but due to high demand, Howrse changed the rules.) In the private sales, a horse can be put up as a pass sale (which includes equus). Again, the price can range between 500e and 1,000,000e but the amount of passes you can sell the horse for is 20.

If you wish to learn more, visit the rules on Howrse .