• Black Lipizzaner foal
  • Pale Gray Lipizzaner foal
  • Bay Lipizzaner foal
  • Golden Bay Lipizzaner foal
  • Chestnut Lipizzaner foal
  • Dapple Gray Lipizzaner foal
  • Fleabitten Gray Lipizzaner foal

  • Lipizzaner Horse Dapple gray

Coats and Colors:Edit

Coat Colors Percent
Bay 10%
Black 4%
Cherry Bay 4%
Chestnut 2%
Dapple Grey 24%
Dark Bay 7%
Fleabitten Grey 1%
Pale Grey 47%

Skill Info:Edit

Skill Percent
Stamina 57% / 65%
Speed 80% / 55%
Dressage 90% / 90%
Gallop 61% / 75%
Trot 42% / 20%
Jump 20% / 45%

Servers found on:Edit

  • German
  • International
  • Caballow
  • Equiedow
  • UK
  • Australia

Other Game Info:Edit

Real Life Info:Edit

The Lipizzaner is a rare breed found only in Europe. They are related to the purebred spanish horse (pura raza española or PRE). Almost all foals are born pitch black, but get lighter until they are fleabitten gray or gray. Occasionally there is a chestnut foal born amidst all the gray, and it is considered lucky to have a chestnut horse in a herd. They were originally used as farm horses, but during Napolean's reign they were employed as warhorses and taught dressage skills such as the levade and courbette. Bred from near extinction, Lippizzaners still perform these moves. They descend from eight major stallions, each with its special brand.

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