In Game InfoEdit

Adult Highland Pony

Adult Highland Pony

The Highland Pony is one of the rarest breeds of pony on the international server, their numbers in the 50,000s (as of Jan. 5, 2017) Their best three skills are Stamina, Speed, and Jumping, which makes them not suitable for any single competition.

Species: Pony

Size:13.0 to 14.2 hands

Coats AllowedEdit

Coat Colors Percent
Bay 7%
Black 12%
Chestnut 1%
Dapple Gray 9%
Dun 22%
Flaxen Liver Chestnut 3%
Light Gray 10%
LIver Chestnut 4%
Mouse Gray 25%
Roan 7%

Skill InfoEdit

Skill Percent


  • International

Real InfoEdit

Wikipedia ParagraphEdit

The Highland Pony is a native Scottish pony, and is one of the largest of the mountain and moorland pony breeds of the British Isles. Its pedigree dates back to the 1880s. It was once a workhorse in the Scottish mainland and islands, but today is used for driving, trekking and general riding. They are very hardy and tough, they rarely require shoeing, and are very economical to keep. They usually don't need rugs, and are generally free from many equine diseases.

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