Greyfell is a divine horse that can rise from its ashes like a phoenix.

Unlike the other divines, Greyfell are not immortal, so they lose health every day. They can be brought back to life with a Pandora's Box or you can revitalize it with a Black Orchid. You can also use a "philosophers stone". If it has survived at least 30 days since its last birth or rebirth, you receive two diamonds and 20,000 equus when you send it to Heaven.

Only once during the game, on the 1st of a month, if you have at least one of each that's still alive, you can transform one into a Palomino Sleipnir on its profile page.

There are 12 Greyfell, two of which are female. Females can reproduce once in their life with a Greyfell male, giving birth to another Greyfell.

This horse cannot be sold.