calculation of General rankingEdit

Taken from the inside howrse blog:

First, they take the 10,000 most skilled horses for each player and multiply their total skill points by two :


Next, they multiply this value by the sum of all these horses’ age (capped at 30 years old per horse) and apply a power to it :


Then, they divide the result by the number of horses owned by the player and apply another power to it :


Finally, they multiply the value by the number of passes bought as well as seniority:


The formula as a whole looks like this:


But as the inside howrse blog said it may change passes bought into trophies owned. But current debate is going over which is better

sections Edit

Trophies- how many trophies the player has received and still has.

Senority- how long the player has been on howrse for, only counts for days logged in.

Popularity- how many people have visited a players page.

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