• Black Friesian foal

  • Black Friesian adult

  • Black Friesian Pegasus

  • Black Friesian Unicorn foal

  • Black Friesian Unicorn

  • Black Friesian Winged Unicorn

Coats and Colors:Edit

Coat Colors Percent
Black 100%

Skill info:Edit

Skill Percent
Stamina 70%
Speed  66%
Dressage 90%
Galloping  42%
Trotting 62%
Jumping 20%

Servers Found on:Edit

Other Game Info:Edit

There are a lot of conflicting opinions about the Friesian graphic, it retains much of the old look which players did not like.

Friesians are one of the most popular breeds on Howrse, because they are great at Dressage which is important in nearly every aspect of the game.

Real Info:Edit

Friesians are quite beautiful, with the hair on the hocks and long mane. The tail is also wavy and long. They hold a very elegant look which adds to why the dressage on the horses is so high.They are often expensive to buy.

Old VersionsEdit

Friesian - Black