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The Flash Sales are types of sales which sometimes occur when there is an event/promo on the game. You have the chance to purchase tokens, ingredients, potions, seeds etc. to help you complete whatever you are working on in that specific promotion - Sometimes, you even have a chance to buy a divine or a wild! There are a certain amount of each item that will gradually be sold throughout the event.

You bid on items just like you would bid on a horse. After winning an auction, you are credited with the item you won a few minutes after. You can win maximum one gift every 3 days from each type of sale. There are two types of flash sales - Direct sales and auctions.

Direct SalesEdit

Direct sales

Every few minutes, another item will be put out on the direct flash sales, at a random price between the price range for that item. It is best to wait until the item you are looking for pops up a few times, so you can figure out what the average price is for that item - You want to be paying as little as possible! Once you are ready to buy your desired item, you need to be as quick as possible. If that item comes out at a good price, chances a few other people will be watching and wanting at the same time as you. Don't worry if you miss the first time - Your item is bound to come again!

Auction SalesEdit

Auction sales!

The second type of sales are the auction sales. Just like the direct sales, items are released for bidding every few minutes. As the name suggests, instead of just buying the item straight away, you need to bid for it. Items are usually cheaper here, as they have quite a low starting price, but the demand will affect how much it rises by. Common items will go for a lot less than rarer items, for example. You will most likely have competition when bidding on items, so choose a good bidding strategy. Practice makes perfect - soon you'll be able to win all the items you bid for!

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