• Tiny (English)
  • 小さな (Japanese)
  • Petit (French)
  • Малыш (Russian)
  • Klein (German)
  • Chiquitin (Spanish)
  • Liten (Swedish)

Falabella is a divine horse that offers a bonus to your horses.

Players who own a Falabella have 1 in 100 chance of winning a bonus when they register one of their horses in a competition. Players with two Falabellas have 2 in 100 chances of getting the bonus, and so on.

The bonus is effective for 4 days in the life of the horse. It cannot be cumulated.

Falabellas cannot reproduce and are always male.

The bonus offers:

  • Speed: +7
  • Dressage: +8
  • Jumping: +9

This horse can be sold.