Emma is a new character added to Howrse on May 3rd 2016 as part of the tutorial revamp on Howrse. She is there to help and guide new players through the tutorial. She has replaced Ow the Monkey. New players start the tutorial with her horse, Gaia.

Emma offers help and advice to new players. Emma leaves the players with 2 twin foals birthed from her mare Gaia and the sire Ouranos.

There are two parts to Emma`s tutorial: one where she helps you learn about caring and training an adult horses and one where she helps you choose a Golden Apple coat for one of your new born twin horses. To access the Golden Apple tutorial, you must age one of your twin foals to adulthood.

Emma`s name was chosen from a pool of 4 names: Emma, Hannah, Pamela and Laura. Howrse players were asked to vote for the name they liked the best. Emma won the majority of the vote and therefore was chosen as the name for the character.

The Howrse community`s response to Emma has however, not been very favourable. Some players have labelled her as “pushy” and a “space hog”. Many players agree with these statements, after creating an account on another server to experience the new tutorial. Howrse has not yet responded to these comments.

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