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  • Grey Coat - Donkey Foal
  • Light Bay Coat - Donkey Foal
  • White Coat - Donkey Foal

  • Grey Coat - Donkey
  • Light Bay Coat - Donkey
  • White Coat - Donkey

Coats and Colors:Edit

Coat Colors Percent
Black 50%
Brown 30%
White 20%

Skill info:Edit

Skill Percent
Stamina 80%
Speed  50%
Dressage 55%
Galloping  31%
Trotting 30%
Jumping 62%

Servers Found on:Edit

  • International server
  • U.S. server
  • Canada server
  • UK server
  • AU server
  • German server (known as Esel)
  • French server (known as Âne)
  • Dutch server (known as Ezel)
  • English server (known as UK)

Other Game Info:Edit

The donkey is the only breed where the GP for the next generation falls instead of rises. A donkey can only be bred three times. A mare can carry three foals (or six in total if fertility wands are used), and a male can offer three coverings. There have been some cases where donkeys have been bred more then thrice. According to speculation, the ability to breed more than thrice was caused by coding issues on the site and some problems with donkey GP rising instead of falling.  As a result, the game techs reset the donkeys. The record is 33 coverings by a single jack. In horse breeds, the object is to raise the genetic potential of foals. For donkeys, it is the opposite. A donkey with lower GP is more desirable than one with a higher GP. The most common colors are black and brown with white being rarest. Because of its low genetics its has not won a rosette and maybe never will.

When purchasing a donkey, be sure to check how many times it has been covered. Ending up with an unbreedable donkey for the price of a breedable one can be very disappointing.

Size: from 11.1 hands to 13.0 hands

For more information, go on howrse sales and put donkey as species. :)

Real Info:Edit

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