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  • Grey Coat - Donkey Foal
  • Light Bay Coat - Donkey Foal
  • White Coat - Donkey Foal

  • Grey Coat - Donkey
  • Light Bay Coat - Donkey
  • White Coat - Donkey

Coats and Colors:Edit

Coat Colors Percent
Black 50%
Brown 30%
White 20%

Skill info:Edit

Skill Percent
Stamina 80% / 110%
Speed  50% / 110%
Dressage 55% / 111%
Galloping  31% / 109%
Trotting 30% / 110%
Jumping 62% / 111%

Servers Found on:Edit

  • International server
  • U.S. server
  • Canada server
  • Spanish Server (known as Caballow)
  • UK server
  • AU server
  • German server (known as Esel)
  • French server (known as Âne)
  • Dutch server (known as Ezel)
  • German server (known as Esel)
  • English server (known as UK)
  • Romanian server
  • Bulgarian server
  • Czech server
  • Danish Server (Known as Æsel)

Other Game Info:Edit

The donkey is the only breed where the GP for the next generation falls instead of rises. A donkey can only be bred three times (4 times if your a VIP player and have the divine horse Tianma . A mare can carry one foal (or 2 if a fertility wand is used) and a male can also only breed a maximum of 3 times.

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