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When a horse is 3 years old, it has reached the age to start competitions. If you want your horse to compete, it must first be trained to specialize in a specific riding style, (Classic or Western) and then you must give it a Saddle, Bridle, and Saddle Blanket for it's specialty.

The competitions will enable you to earn money according to your success but also to improve the skills of your horses. As their potential is not unlimited, there will come a time when your horse's skills will no longer be improved by competitions or rides. Then the skills become bolded when no benefit comes.

Regardless of the discipline, each competition has a difficulty level set within a percentage range for a skill, each center setting its competitions at the level of its choice.

For certain types of competition, you can use filters to choose the distance.

You cannot enter more than 2 horses from your stables in a competition.

On every horse's profile page, among other information, you'll find a summary of the horse's victories and results in competitions.

Classical Riding CompetitionsEdit

Classical Riding competitions are for horses specializing in Classical Riding that have a Classical bridle and saddle. There are 4 kinds of competitions:

  • gallop and trot speed races depend on the galloping level for gallop races and trotting level for trot races. In order to become a champion, the horse must also perform well in speed and dressage.
  • Cross-country, is a physically demanding discipline that requires great stamina, but also good jumping skills and docility. Access to registration depends on the level of stamina.
  • Show-jumping, requires exceptional jumping skills, but also lots of flexibility. Because these events are timed, a show-jumping horse will obviously need to be able to jump obstacles quickly .Access to registration depends on the level of jumping.
  • The dressage contest, features the horse's gaits: gallop and trot, but most of all its dressage skills. Access to registration depends on the level of dressage.

Western Riding CompetitionsEdit

Western Riding competitions are for horses specializing in Western Riding that have a Western bridle and saddle. There are 5 kinds of competitions:

  • Barrel racing, a timed race that requires speed, stamina and galloping skills. The goal is to circle around 3 barrels as fast as possible without knocking any over. Access to these events is determined by your horse's speed.
  • Cutting, which requires great stamina and speed in order to remove a specified calf from the herd. It also requires a good level in dressage. Access to these events is determined by your horse's stamina.
  • Reining, a dressage event that's performed at a gallop. Good stamina is also essential. Access to these events is determined by your horse's level in galloping.
  • Western pleasure, a discipline that requires excellent trotting skills, as well as dressage and stamina. Access to these events is determined by your horse's level in trotting.
  • Trail class, the western equivalent of dressage in Classical Riding. Trail class horses must excel in dressage, as well as trotting and jumping. Access to these events is determined by your horse's dressage level.

Competitions for rookie horsesEdit

Certain competitions are only open to rookie horses. Rookie horses are horses that have won less than 20 victories and who have no skills above 460. This number is recalculated every night.


NOTE: After 30 days of seniority on the game, if your horse has not finished first in a competition, it will lose some morale points. Don't worry though, as this drop in morale can easily be remedied with a bit of rest and a few treats!


In order for your horse to be able to compete at the age of 3 years, you have to choose which riding style will be its specialty. The types of competitions your horse will be eligible for will depend on its specialty.

Horses that specialize in Classical Riding can enter speed races and cross-country, showjumping and dressage competitions.

Horses that specialize in Western Riding can enter barrel racing, cutting, reining, western pleasure and trail class competitions.

To choose your horse's specialty, select their riding type in the Competitions box.

You can change your horse's specialty until it reaches the age of 5 years. There is a VIP account perk that you can select that lets you change your horses' specialty at any age.


Once you've chosen your horse's specialty, you need to buy it a saddle pad and a bridle and saddle made for its specialty. You can find these items in different models and quality levels at the store.

If your horse is boarding at an equestrian center with the same specialty and a saddler is employed there, you can give it the 2* saddle and 2* bridle if its specialty is Classical Riding, and the 2* saddle and 2* bridle if its specialty is Western Riding. The bonus from these items will vary depending on how much prestige the center has.

You can give your horse a saddle, bridle and saddle pad directly on its profile page.

All this equipment is hard-wearing. You cannot remove a horse's saddle, bridle or horseshoes. All you can do is replace them.

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