This is a How to guide for Breeders.

Common Breeder TermsEdit

  • Filly - Baby Female Horse
  • Colt - Baby Male Horse
    Female B


  • Foal - Baby Horse (can be used for either gender)
  • Mare - Adult Female Horse
    Male B


  • Stallion/Stud - Adult Male Horse (able to breed)
  • Gelding - Adult Male Castrated Horse (unable to breed)
  • Castrate - To make a male horse unable to breed.

Starting outEdit

Your horse is able to start breeding at 2 years and 6 months (30 months) old. A Stallion is able to offer public, or private coverings for equus. A mare is able to accept Coverings. 8 months after the covering you can ask for an Ultra Sound to tell you the breed, coat and Gender of the foal. 1 year (12 months) after covering a mare the mare will give birth to either a Filly or a Foal/Colt. You will need to 'Get the Vet' and then the foal(s) will be born and you can select the foal's name, affix, and breeding farm.



Male General

Hongre When a Stallion is inbetween 2 - 6 years old ( if you have the VIP perk starting at 1yr 6 mon) you have an option to castrate the stallion. This means your horse will be unable to cover a mare but it also gains a bonus ( Stamina +8, Speed +8, Dressage +4 ) making it into a Gelding.

A stud can cover a mare in the public coverings for equus, can offer a covering to a friends mare for equus, or can offer a covering to one of your own mares for free.


Mares are able to accept Coverings and give birth. The player that owns the mare will get to keep the foal(s), whilethe owner of the Stallion gets paid for a cover (unless it's the same player's stud). Mares are able to be given items to help with the birthing such as the fertillity wand that makes the Mare have twins. The BMI's (Black Market Items) are to be given to the mare before she is covered.



Unicorn breeding box

Unicorn Mare

Unicorns are very rare and reproduce almost like ordinary horses.

Unicorn foals are born only if a unicorn mare is covered by a male

unicorn at a certain time, specified on the '?' tab on a unicorn mare's page. But be careful, the only time that counts is the one shown in the  

upper right of your screen, not the time shown in your horse's history.

Both parents must be of the same breed. All the same, don't forget that

when you meet these criteria, you still have only one out of 5 chances    

of giving birth to a unicorn foal.

You can change your unicorns' reproduction time once every 30 days.

To change a unicorn's reproduction time, go to its page and click on 'Information' in its reproduction box, then click on 'Select.' Planned maintenance work is sometimes done on the game. If this occurs at the time you've chosen, you will not be compensated. Remember, you may only cover a unicorn at least 10 real hours after its conception or after its previous covering.